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Hello, I'm Ryan — an entrepreneur, engineer, and designer focused on building and growing software companies.

My expertise lies at the intersections of privacy, security, regulatory compliance, and software design. I'm currently working on Haekka, a training platform designed to meet requirements for HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, and everything in between. Haekka was created to work entirely in Slack.

Before Haekka, I was Chief Product and Security Officer at Datica where I helped organizations protect and integrate healthcare information in the cloud. I led the creation, design and implementation of a secure Kubernetes platform. Datica was acquired in 2019.

Before Datica, I co-founded a startup that helped educators streamline their grading process with the assistance of their mobile device. Utilizing optical character recognition technology (way before things like machine learning and AI were cool), I helped college professors drastically improve their grading process, allowing them to spend more time educating.

I graduated from R.I.T. in 2013 with a degree in Applied Science.


2022 - Present
Haekka VC, Operating
CTO & Co-founder
2022 - Present
rrich.io Operating
2014 - 2019
Datica VC, Acquired
Chief Product Officer
2013 - 2014
Global Thinking Operating
Software Developer
2011 - 2013
GradeSnap VC, Failed