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Micro-post: Reflections On Healthcare IT

Aug 13 2017

Micro-post: Reflections On Healthcare IT

Each day I get closer and closer to the idea that in order to succeed as a digital health company you have to completely devalue integration as a strategy. If it happens it happens, but I wouldn’t bet on it making or breaking your business.

Consider integration as a technology decision. No more impactful than the language in which you write your code. The black box EHRs are hell-bent on continuing to steal patient data. Their marketing attempts to show otherwise are vacuous dog and pony shows. Make no mistake, the API vendors building additional black box layers on top of these already existing black boxes are not your friend. They’re entrenched in an industry that absolutely refuses to adapt. It’s the music industry on steroids.

As a company, you’re far better off building a product that has value with or without health system integration. I’ve seen too many naive digital health startups bet their entire future on integrating only to have a single site rolling over the course of two years. The next step is inevitable financial death.

Build value, don’t rely on others to provide it.