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Micro-post: Product Transparency Drives Product Motivation

Jul 21 2017

Micro-post: Product Transparency Drives Product Motivation

Transparency around your product can motivate people and ultimately be the driving mechanism for innovative product development.

Humans have a natural disposition to preform better at their job when they care about the work they are doing. This isn’t a new revelation. Positivity, happiness, self worth and time investment all play a major role in motivating people to achieve their potential within a given occupation.

A product will only ever be as good as the team you assemble around it. As obvious as that might sound it’s something that many entrepreneurs and managers still fail at. The ones that fail believe their vision and strategy will build and drive the product. In reality that’s not true. The best products in the world have the best teams in the world. Those teams are driven by a crystal clear vision of the product.